Elephant Apple Fold Away Bag, Cupcake / Black Gra...

Elephant  Apple Fold Away Bag, Cupcake / Black Grape

Elephant Apple Fold Away Bag, Cupcake / Black Grape

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OPTIONS WHILE OUT. Buy, bring, transport, prepare. Be spontaneous. Be inspired. Instant storage handles the possibilities. Until then, it folds compactly away. THE STROLLER – NOW FOR THE FAMILY, TOO. While baby things are small and robust, family things are bulky, fragile, or otherwise difficult to have aboard. Family stuff and odd shapes fit beautifully in the clever design. TAME WET WEATHER. Bring bulky rain covers and full-size umbrellas, extra jackets, or whatever the forecast requires. Store these essentials flat and vertically to the side when the sun returns. It frees the baby from roasting inside plastic. You go dry through nice shops, crowds, and restaurants. TAME ON-THE-GO-MESSES. Hold messy clothes and gear apart from baby things and purchases. SAY YES. Connect with your child’s wishes. There is space for a soccer ball, sand buckets, a truck or a beloved big dolly. Say Yes to yourself… mom wants room for flowers, a favorite hat, cupcakes or croissants. Should you bring the rain cover or extra jackets for the kids? Say Yes and keep the good times rolling in every weather. Carry odd shapes and protect fragile things. All your options are open, and the basket is still free. MORE THAN PRETTY. With an internal rod, it holds it’s perfect form and never looks frumpy. In true high design, every detail does double-duty. The soft-bottom, simple construction adapts its shape. Volume can be reduced or expanded. The closures twist and reach. Stability comes from placement over the wheel, where weight belongs. Read more at elephantandapple.com. OUR NAME. On a commuter train we saw a mom and toddler, toy stroller in tow. The toy stroller was cumbersome, it was inconvenient, and it was … wonderful, heart-swelling fun! Elephant mothers embody this good mom. Easygoing, smart, protective, fun. So big, yet so gentle. Mom provides goodness & enjoyment to the family – the apple. |patent pending|

INSTANT SPACE on the stroller for odd shapes, messy stuff, & simple pleasures. All your options are open, and the basket is still free. Suggested max. weight 4.4lbs is ample for non-baby items
MAKES ODD SHAPES EASY TO CARRY – The soft, backpack-type canvas changes shape or expands its volume to carry what you want. Especially good for long, fragile, bulky, wet, & dirty stuff
HOLDS DIRT & MESS APART from the under-seat basket, and is easy to wipe or rinse clean. All your hesitations about bringing wet-weather gear or transporting messy accidents are removed
SINGLE HAND OPERATION: Make it open and ready to fill with a twist of the wrist. Dirt shakes out between the wheels (not on your feet or the basket) completely hands-free
FOR ALL STROLLERS – stable center of gravity and compatible with accessories. Always attached, it requires access points  ca. 17.5 – 20.5 inches apart. Compatible with hinged, curved, and offset frames, too

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Price:$ 25.99

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