Nomie Baby Toddler Car Seat Cover, Pink

Nomie Baby Toddler Car Seat Cover, Pink

Nomie Baby Toddler Car Seat Cover, Pink special offer: Nomie Baby quality baby products, for the best price!

Our toddler car seat covers are super soft against your toddler’s skin, padded for absorption, and are lined with a waterproof backing to protect the car seat. This toddler car seat cover is washable in the machine and dryer to ensure your toddler always has a clean car seat to sit in. Prevents against messes of all sorts in the car seat, including crumbs, spilled milk, or a dirty diaper. Great for covering a rented carseat when Grandma or friends come to town. When the nomie baby toddler car seat cover gets dirty, simply remove your car seat cover, throw it in the washing machine and dryer, and slip it back over your car seat. Get two in case a load of laundry isn’t running that day.

For 20 pounds up past 40 pounds and above
Fabric is made from 3 fabrics to create a soft, yet waterproof cover, the fabric is also quilted to prevent padding clumping while washing
Easily removable just throw it in the wash
Elastic edges fit most national carseat brands, including the Britax Roundabout and Graco brands
Velcro openings to make removing the car seat cover easy

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Price:$ 42.35

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