Baby Bath Natural Sea Sponge

Baby Bath Natural Sea Sponge

Baby Bath Natural Sea Sponge special offer: Baby Meet World quality baby products, for the best price!

You will be receiving a PACKAGED sponge with instructions. The Natural Sea Silk Sponge is the softest sponge in the world! Incredibly gentle and absorbent, it is the perfect choice for bathing newborns and babies. Hand picked for size and quality, the natural silk sponge creates a luxuriant lather with just a drop of baby wash or soap. This allows for one hand on baby and one hand on sponge, super easy and efficient bathing! Unlike synthetic sponges and washcloths, the natural sea sponge naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria and is sustainably harvested from a renewable resource.

Packaged-Perfect ultra-soft bath sponge feels like silk when wet
So absorbent it eliminates the need for a cup
Sustainably harvested from a renewable local resource
Natural & safe alternative for baby’s sensitive skin
Great size for toddlers learning to wash (3-4 inches)

Personal Care Baby Meet World

Price:$ 9.50

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