Sassy Pop Play Pod

Sassy Pop Play Pod

Sassy Pop Play Pod special offer: Sassy quality baby products, for the best price!

The Sassypop Play Pod was designed for maximum convenience, from set up to take down, to storage. On-the-go, the pop up feature provides maximum flexibility and saves time. The lightweight construction is so easy to take with. For newborns, flexible arches hold a variety of toys to entertain and inspire sensory development. When baby is able to sit up, the arches are removable creating the perfect soft, clean play spot for baby and toys. When the fun is done, just fold it all up and put it into the convenient carry storage bag and you are set to go.

The Sassypop Play Pod sets up in seconds, perfect for in home or travel
Play and Put Away
Grows with baby! Use with toy arches for newborn baby, and remove arches for sitting baby to play with toys and balls.
Convenient storage and carry bag included
Includes Sassy Developmental toys to Inspire Baby’s Senses

Gear Sassy

Price:$ 59.99

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