Playtex Sip Ease Replacement Valve – 2 Pk

Playtex Sip Ease Replacement Valve – 2 Pk

Playtex Sip Ease Replacement Valve – 2 Pk special offer: Playtex quality baby products, for the best price!

Playtex Sip Ease Replacement Valve – 2 PkBring home the Playtex Sip Ease Replacement Valve to make Playtex cups spill-free. Made of durable silicone material, the replacement valve is designed to dispense liquid only when your child is sipping. It is easy to clean and fits all Playtex spill-free cups. You can replace worn or lost valves with this refill pack. Why You’ll Love It: This refill pack of Sip Ease Replacement Valve makes sure that the Playtex Spill-Free Cups remain spill-free and are as good as new. Features Replacement part for Playtex spill proof cupsNo messy spillsudispenses liquid only when child sipsEasy to cleanBPA-freeOne-piece valve is activated when child sips Includes: 2 valves per package

Playtex Spill Proof Cup Replacement Valves Better for baby better for mother.
The patented SipEase value is a replacement part for Playtex Spill ProofCup 6oz, and 9oz, and Playtex Spill Proof Training Cup.
No more messy spills to clean because the SipEase valve dispenses liquid only when child sips.
Easy to drink because the patented SipEase valve allows liquid to flow easily on demand.

Solid Feeding Playtex

Price:$ 2.41

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