sugarSNAP Files A Set of 5 Mesh Diaper Bag Organiz...

sugarSNAP Files A Set of 5 Mesh Diaper Bag Organizer Inserts (black+white)

sugarSNAP Files A Set of 5 Mesh Diaper Bag Organizer Inserts (black+white) special offer: sugarSNAP quality baby products, for the best price!

The sugarSNAP Files is a new diaper bag organization system. It’s perfect for first-time moms and makes a great baby shower present.

It’s a series of five lightweight smaller mesh bags, or inserts, which fit perfectly inside existing diaper bags, backpacks or purses and even daddy’s diaper bag.

If you want a fabulous alternative to a diaper bag, the set of inserts (or pouches) can be used in ANY handbag, messenger bag or even a backpack creating a well-organized baby bag. Once the set is packed, it can be transferred from one bag to another easily, making switching bags a snap!

Each bag (or File) in the set has an easy-to-identify tab on top (resembling a file folder tab), which is pre-labeled with categories for all of your baby gear and toddler items, so moms can pack up, organize their bags and find what they need quickly. The bags were designed with a mom’s style in mind: baby patterns are adorable but sometimes moms want a fashionable alternative to duckies and elephants!

The Files stay organized by snapping together with an innovative, patent-pending hook-and-ring system. Moms can use the entire set, or just pack up a couple of the Files to stash under the stroller for quick trips.

The set of baby bag pouches comes with the following bags to organize everything in your diaper bag and has become a Mommy-Must-Have because of its unique design:
*Shirts + Socks: for extra clothing
*Dipes + Wipes: holds everything you need for a quick change
*Snacks + Supplies: keeps snacks, spoons and bibs
*Lotions + Potions: for diaper cream, sunscreen and sanitizing hand gel
*Me + Mine: last, but certainly not least, the Mommy File is just for you!

The set also includes a comprehensive, mom-tested and mom-approved checklist of diaper bag essentials and extras. Busy parents won’t ever have to navigate the “Bermuda Triangle” diaper bag again!

Five lightweight mesh bags, (or pouches) that fit perfectly in your existing baby or diaper bag, purse, tote bag or backpack
Each bag in the set has an easy-to-identify tab on the top which makes it easy to pack and carry all of your baby and toddler gear in a well-organized and intuitive system
All of the bags or inserts stay organized by snapping together with our innovative, patent-pending hook-and-ring system.
Each bag or insert has a different inspirational and surprising saying inside, such as This is Your Story and You Change More Than Diapers. Because who can’t use a little inspiration?
The set comes with a comprehensive, mom-tested and mom-approved packing list. We know that every mom can use a little extra help getting out the door some days.

Diapering sugarSNAP

Price:$ 39.99

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