Teething Bling Donut Shaped Pendant Teething Neckl...

Teething Bling Donut Shaped Pendant Teething Necklace (Turquoise)

Teething Bling Donut Shaped Pendant Teething Necklace (Turquoise)

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This is the original “teethable” jewelry. Inspired by curious babies who like to grab, our pendants are made from soft and flexible silicone making them both pretty and practical. We use the highest quality, phthalate/BPA/PVC free, federally approved silicone. Our products are non-toxic, latex and lead-free, food-safe, even dishwasher-friendly.

These colorful and elegant necklaces are a great wardrobe accessory and baby teether in one.
Great for nursing moms too gives baby something to hold while nursing.
Made from a food-safe, federally approved, non-toxic, non-latex, lead-free, pthalate/BPA/PVC free, dishwasher safe silicon
It is the same material used in ‘coated’ infant spoons, and other common teething items
Intended to be used by adults. Comes with a break away clasp as an added safety feature.

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Price:$ 14.96

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