NUK Orthodontic Pacifier Bundle Pack, Boy, 0-6 Mon...

NUK Orthodontic Pacifier Bundle Pack, Boy, 0-6 Months (Colors and Patterns May Vary), 4 Count

NUK Orthodontic Pacifier Bundle Pack, Boy, 0-6 Months (Colors and Patterns May Vary), 4 Count special offer: NUK quality baby products, for the best price!

Nuk Pack of 4 Orthodontic Pacifier Bundle Pack, Boy, 0-6 Months Natural shape for correct fitView larger NUK pacifiers (left) naturally fit baby’s mouth just like Mom’s nipple during breastfeeding View larger NUK Orthodontic Pacifiers Promote Healthy Oral Development As Your Baby Grows The unique orthodontic shape of NUK pacifiers naturally exercises the tongue, palate and jaw and encourages the correct development of your child’s teeth while you soothe your baby. And NUK pacifiers come in range of sizes and styles from newborn to 18m+ so you can promote healthy oral development as your baby grows. Heart shape shield fits baby’s face perfectly and comfortably The heart shape of the NUK pacifier shield was specially designed for a comfortable fit to baby’s face to prevent irritation. The shield curves down at the top under your baby’s nose so that nose is clear for breathing. The concave shield fits to your baby’s face and rounds off at the bottom so that the pacifier does not hang over the chin. The unique shape is asymmetrical to help parents and caregivers ensure the pacifier is correctly positioned in the mouth and prevent upside down usage. Designed to grow with your infant From newborn to toddler, NUK offers 4 different sizes of pacifiers in a variety of designs ranging from precious newborn designs to bold, fashion prints. Sizes include: Newborn (0-3M), Size 1 (0-6M) Size 2 (6-18M) Size 3 (18-38M). Inventors of Orthodontic Pacifiers NUK nurtures best. That is why over 55 years ago a doctor and a dentist invented the first NUK orthodontic pacifier to mimic the natural shape of mom’s nipple during breastfeeding. What they found was the baby’s tongue compresses the nipple against the roof of the baby’s mouth allowing the jaw to move naturally. This natural movement inspired the orthodontic design of all NUK pacifiers so you can feel confident you are safeguarding your baby’s oral development. View larger NUK pacifiers have a natural asymmetric shape that mimics a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding including: A rounded top designed to fit the natural curve of the baby’s palate An angled bottom that allows the proper position and movement of the tongue A thin neck that allows the mouth to close properly This natural formation will soothe and comfort your baby without interfering with the natural movements of their mouth. All NUK pacifiers are orthodontic so you know you are making the right decision to support your baby’s healthy oral development. And, just like NUK Orthodontic bottles, the orthodontic shape of NUK pacifiers helps babies easily transition from breast to bottle to pacifier and back. Compare ProductsView largerNewborn Orthodontic PacifiersView larger0-6 Month Orthodontic PacifiersView larger6-18 Month Orthodontic PacifiersView larger18-36 Month Orthodontic PacifiersBPA Free✓✓✓✓Dishwasher Safe✓✓✓✓Orthodontic Nipple✓✓✓✓Comes in 100% Silicone✓Comes in Silicone✓✓✓✓Comes in Latex✓✓✓Comes in designs and styles that fit with your baby’s unique personality✓✓✓✓

Orthodontic nipple helps promote healthy oral development
Gently exercises your baby’s tongue, palate and jaw and promotes proper teeth alignment by helping your baby avoid thumbsucking.
Helps to soothe and comfort your baby so Mom can sleep
NUK® Pacifiers are the #1 selling pacifier brand in the US and used by thousands of US birthing hospitals every year
BPA Free

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