Foundations Worldwide SleepFresh Crib Cover, White...

Foundations Worldwide SleepFresh Crib Cover, White, 3 Count

Foundations Worldwide SleepFresh Crib Cover, White, 3 Count special offer: Foundations Worldwide, Inc. quality baby products, for the best price!

The foundations sleep fresh crib cover may be used with the new foundations 2013 play yards to present a clean, sanitized sleep environment each time the play yard is used. This is a perfect system for an environment where the play yard is used by multiple children. The sleep fresh crib cover can be laundered after each use to provide a fresh and comfortable sleep environment every time, and the microfiber construction is wrinkle resistant and looks great even after many washings. This product provides an exclusive custom fit, and it installs in 3 easy steps. This custom fit cover eliminates suffocation hazards, loose fabrics and hidden safety labels as it has been specially designed for use with foundations 2013 play yard products. The patented fastening system ensures the cover will remain securely in place and is intuitive to install. This is the only crib cover available in which the crib is compliant to safety standards when installed. Package of 3. Use with foundations play yards, items 1456037, 1456217 and 1556117. May also be used with optional sleep fresh crib ribbons which will remind your guests that their baby will sleep in a clean, fresh play yard (not included sold separately; order item 6911036).

Sleep fresh crib covers provide clean, safe sleeping environment every time
Machine washable and long lasting
Custom fit and installs in 3 easy steps
Package of 3

Bedding Foundations Worldwide, Inc.

Price:$ 59.99

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