Brio Tower Crane

Brio Tower Crane

Brio Tower Crane special offer: Brio quality baby products, for the best price!

Founded in Sweden in 1884, BRIO makes the highest quality wooden toys that have delighted children and created happy memories for generations. Both educational and fun, BRIO’s uncompromising focus on design, quality and craftsmanship create toys of lasting value that stimulate creativity and imagination. Engaging play and learning are integral themes in all BRIO toys, satisfying a child’s educational needs and growing with them through their various phases of development. When things get heavy down at the track, you’ll be glad to have the BRIO tower crane on hand. Turn the crank and lift the magnetic load. Load and unload all your trains. The big crane boom pivots around to get to the cargo. On top sits the poseable play figure that controls the action with the help of your imagination. Works with all BRIO wooden railways.

Move the heavy loads from your BRIO trains with the heavy duty Tower crane
Pick up the magnetic cargo with the big boom and lift it by turning the crank; pivot the crane and load the cargo where you need it
Comes with the crane, magnetic cargo and poseable BRIO figure
Works with all BRIO trains and wooden railway sets
For ages 3+

Baby & Toddler Toys Brio

Price:$ 23.99

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