Diaper Changing Pad – Waterproof, Wipeable ...

Diaper Changing Pad – Waterproof, Wipeable  Washable – Quilted Padding – GREY CHEVRON

Diaper Changing Pad – Waterproof, Wipeable Washable – Quilted Padding – GREY CHEVRON

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❖ Waterproof, wipeable & washable-Easy to clean with just a wipe or a rinse. For big accidents, toss in the wash and air dry.

❖ Light & portable-Easily rolls up and snaps to tuck into your diaper bag, stroller or glove box.

❖ Change diapers anywhere -The totally waterproof surface means you can change anywhere and not worry about messes or stains soaking though. Change in a pram stroller, an infant carrier, a crib, a car seat, a carpet or a couch.

❖ Large enough for toddlers-If your child is larger than a changing station, this mat is especially useful because you can change on a car seat or a carpet. Just make sure the mat is under the diaper and that’s all you need.

❖ So many uses-After diapers this mat can be used to protect car seats after swimming lessons or shield from muddy park benches, anywhere you need a waterproof surface

The Snug Bug’s Heather made this mat after an embarrassing shopping trip. “When my son needed to be changed, I went to use the changing station. I was using a bulky changing pad that was a shower gift. Then the unthinkable–yet inevitable-happened, a ‘poosplosion’ all over the thick white minky and urine soaked through the pad. I tried to clean it as best I could but the only option was to roll it up and wash it when I got home. For the rest of the day I smelled like poop and the saleslady at Nordstom could smell it too!! I was mortified! Finally, I went outside and threw it in the trash, vowing that when I came home I would come up with something better!” Now with her waterproof changing mat, accidents are no problem and she has happily traded up to a smaller, more stylish diaper bag.

An essential for smart moms and dads to change diapers anywhere. A waterproof, quilted diaper mat that rolls up small and snaps closed to tuck into your diaper bag. As beautiful as it is practical, it’s a great addition to any baby shower gift and a must for your registry.
PERFECT SIZE – Lays out to 17″ x 25″, to grow with your baby and toddler beyond diapers. Rolls up to a compact 8″ x 3″ to lighten mom’s load.
WATERPROOF BOTH SIDES – We use a laminated waterproof fabric so the pad does not soak up accidents or stain. NO Vinyl, PVC, BPA, Latex, Lead or Phlalates. Approved CPSIA safe for babies and kids.
QUILTED PADDING – The back is lightly padded with a waterproof quilted poly for a cushiony feel without the bulk.
EASY TO CLEAN – The printed laminated side is easy to wipe clean so your mat is always ready. Can be machine washed on cool and air dried.

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