Huggies Pure Natural Diapers – Newborn R...

Huggies Pure  Natural Diapers – Newborn – 30 ct

Huggies Pure Natural Diapers – Newborn – 30 ct special offer: Huggies quality baby products, for the best price!

jumbo.New!pure & natural.liner includes renewable materials.Soft outer cover with organic cotton.Unbeatable leakage protection.Soft and gentle on baby’s delicate skin.Our packaging utilizes 20% post-consumer recycled materials, primarily sourced from milk jugs and plastic bottles.fragrance free.aloe & vitamin E.less inks.Versus HUGGIES Natural Fit cotton.hypoallergenic.aloe & vitamin E.

Highly Breathable Outer Cover Includes Organic Cotton

Diapering Huggies

Price:$ 15.99

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