Luna Lullaby Luna Dream Slip Cover, Brown Dot

Luna Lullaby Luna Dream Slip Cover, Brown Dot

Luna Lullaby Luna Dream Slip Cover, Brown Dot special offer: Luna Lullaby quality baby products, for the best price!

Start to fall asleep and dream easier with the support of the Luna Dream full body pillow. This plush contoured pillow measures 48″ in length (outer contour 62″ long) and soothingly distributes pressure throughout your entire body. The Luna Dream full body pillow is wonderful during pregnancy but also for anyone that would like improved circulation and support for head, neck, hips, knees, down to your toes. This pillow is constructed with the same quality as the award winning Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillows.

Dream easier provides front and back sleeping support
Luna Dream is wonderful before, during, and after pregnancy
Enjoy the comfort of improved circulation, support of head, neck, and knees
Our pillow is set apart from others due to the shape, size, and the wonderful plush cover
Available in several patterns and colors

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Price:$ 19.97

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