Sachi 154-181 Insulated Fashion Lunch Tote, Multi ...

Sachi 154-181 Insulated Fashion Lunch Tote, Multi Color Chevron

Sachi 154-181 Insulated Fashion Lunch Tote, Multi Color Chevron special offer: Sachi quality baby products, for the best price!

Sachi Insulated Fashion offers unique designs in several different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns traditional to contemporary, casual to formal. There is a bag for everyone: children to tweens to business professionals to mothers to women to men. This line is a true balance of form and function. Easily transport a lunch, dinner or snack and maintain the temperature for hours. The eco-friendly bags replace plastic and paper bags paying for themselves after only a few weeks of use. A great affordable gift.

Fully lined thermal insulated interior keeps items cold or warm for hours
Reusable ? Help the earth; Reduce waste; Fashionable alternative to plastic or paper; Practical way to carry meals or snacks and more
Lead-free and bpa-free, meeting all usa government food safety requirements
Easy to clean inside and out ? use a damp cloth with plain or mild soapy water
Top zipper closure; Features an accessory pocket outside insulated area and padded pocket for tablet PC

Travel & To-Go Food Containers Sachi

Price:$ 22.99

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