Shaidee – The Sun Smart Cool Gear In White

Shaidee – The Sun Smart Cool Gear In White

Shaidee – The Sun Smart Cool Gear In White special offer: Shaidee quality baby products, for the best price!

Shaidee Sun Cover for Baby Carriers, Strollers and Car SeatsAs seen on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee! Parents and babies love carriers, but what’s one thing thay’re all missing? SHADE!Shaidee is the invention of the summer! Don’t be the last one on the block keeping the sun off your baby the old fashion way. Shaidee is to the rescue for you to get your summers back! Strap your child in your favorite carrier and simply attach the conveient lightweight Shaidee around you with it’s velcro straps and take back your summer by enjoying your outdoor activities along side your child!Light Weight – Only 4.5 oz/127.5g – Weighs less then your smart phone!One size fits all – Shaidee fits everyone with an adjustable backing!Shaidee is cool, comfortable and soft for babies and you – and it’s machine washable!Multi-use item! Fits Car seats, most strollers, and carriers and slings!Wind resistant – stays secure in the strongest of breezesShaidee has its own convenient and stylish storage bag included with every purchase!Keep mother nature at bay with your very own Shaidee – Sun Smart Cool Gear!

Keep your child safe from mother nature. Protects your child from sun, rain, and wind
Multi-use item! Fits most strollers, car seats, carriers and slings
One size fits all. Fits everyone with an adjustable backing
Lightweight, only 4.5 oz. 18″ wide X 14″ to the brim. Each attaching strap is 13″ long
Shaidee was featured on the Today Show with Hoda and kathie Lee

Car Seats & Accessories Shaidee

Price:$ 33.99

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