Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free Baby Wipes Ref...

Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free Baby Wipes Refill, 224 Count (Pack of 3)

Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free Baby Wipes Refill, 224 Count (Pack of 3) special offer: Huggies quality baby products, for the best price!

Messes will appear in a mom’s life time and time again. Huggies Natural Care Wipes with Triple Clean Layers help manage these messes. Whether it’s changing time or play time, more moms prefer the gentle clean of Huggies Natural Care Wipes. Built with Triple Clean Layers, Huggies Wipes are thick enough to help you swipe away any mess, while still being gentle on your baby’s skin – containing aloe and vitamin E. Life’s messes aren’t limited to just the playroom or the kitchen, so put our wipes to your own test! They’ll also slide right into our new, stylish Designer Tub that’s handy in any room. View larger Portable soft packs, refill packs and tubs go wherever you do, so you can be prepared anywhere.View larger A Real-Life Clean Only Huggies Natural Care Wipes have Triple Clean Layers – gentle on baby’s skin, but still thick enough to clean the mess. These baby wipes help moms keep messes under control wherever and whenever they happen. Don’t leave it to chance; allow these baby wipes to help day in and day out. The Preferred Choice Huggies Natural Care Wipes are soft and cushiony for gentle cleaning AND to help maintain your baby’s naturally healthy skin. In fact, Natural Care wipes with Triple Clean layers are hypoallergenic, built with aloe and vitamin E in every wipe. Gently functional baby wipes designed to be tough on messes. Ready for Use Anywhere Available in soft packs (56-count wipes), tubs (64-count wipes) and refill packs (184-count wipes), Huggies Natural Care Wipes fit in wherever you need them. Natural Care Wipes even slide right into our new, stylish Designer Tub that fits into any room in your house. Buy refill packs (648 count) to keep your Designer Tub stocked at all times. Stash a soft pack in the car and the diaper bag for on-the-go mess management and rely on a sturdy tub for at-home messes. Not just for the changing table anymore, leave some Huggies Natural Care wipes in the kitchen for after-dinner cleanup, or in the playroom for messy arts-and-crafts time. Team up with Huggies Little Snugglers & Little Movers Diapers Moms’ mess management team starts with the reliable leak protection of Huggies Little Snugglers & Little Movers Diapers and ends with the effective clean of Huggies Natural Care Wipes. Life — and babies—don’t stop for messes. Keep things moving with a trusted, fresh clean from Huggies products. The soft texture is gentle against your baby’s skin.View larger Put Huggies to the Test We want you to be an official Huggies tester! Huggies is calling anyone with a baby to put our diapers and wipes to the test. Your house, your car, your parks, stores and community centers will become the official testing grounds. We want you to sign up at, declare yourself an official Huggies tester, and find out how our products perform better in real life. Play games, win awesome prizes and help children in need as you explore the official Huggies Tester Program. Pieces of the Premium Puzzle A touch of aloe and vitamin E to protect your babySoft and cushiony feelTriple Clean Layers for cleaning up big messes will staying gentle on skinHypoallergenic for sensitive skinFragrance-free and alcohol-free

Resealable closure keeps your stand-by supply fresh and moist
Provides a gentle touch of Aloe and vitamin E
Alcohol-free, hypoallergenic and fragrance free
Packaging may vary from image shown.
Packaging may vary from image shown

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Price:$ 15.99

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