Buying the Perfect Baby Bedding

Having a baby in your arms was your most cherished dreams during the pregnancy months, and now that you have it, you have realized that your dreams were far from reality. The joy of having a baby is bigger that you thought, but also the work involved in diaper changes, sterilization of feeding bottles, control of immunization records, and much more. However, there is a fact that new moms rarely keep in mind – the baby bedding.

Choosing the right baby bedding helps your baby to stay comfortable in the cradle when he or she is not in your arms. However, the choice is not about how beautiful the bedding is, or finding it in the color of your theme, but the safety of your baby, principally during his/her first months of life, but safety has to be extended to the crib he or she will use to sleep at a later time.

Because babies spend most of the time lying during their first months of life, you have to find the best baby bedding for your baby, keeping in mind that it must be neither too soft nor too hard. The major risk that babies face is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which is attributed to the choice of wrong bedding. When a mattress is too soft, the baby’s nose and mouth could be covered by folds of fabric, obstructing his/her breathing and preventing carbon dioxide to go away, thus causing the baby drowsiness that may lead to coma or premature death.

Fortunately, bedding manufacturers are aware of this problem and they are making more safe beds, so you can find a variety of styles that fit with almost any bedding equipment, but that do not constitute a risk for the infant. Baby bedding has three variants, all of which your baby can use through his/her different development stages. Newly born babies usually sleep in bassinets, which are oblong or round shaped baskets that are often received as a gift during the mom’s baby shower, or are bought in anticipation to the baby’s birth, and used to store baby items until delivery is due.

Cradles are small low beds with rockers on their stand, which allows rocking the baby while lying in bed. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the rocking movement to prevent the baby rolling over on his/her nose and asphyxiate. Finally, cribs are beds flanked with high sidebars, which are the best option to save money, because the baby can sleep safe in a crib until two years of age.

While choosing bedding from this approach might not be that hard, safety considerations are usually attached to the materials used for the equipment. Lace and trimming in bassinets must not be a risk when the baby rolls from side to side, and there must be enough space inside for this action. Cribs have enough space to accommodate mattress and pillows without being a risk, but it might be harder with cradles. However, remember that safety is your priority when it comes to buying bedding.