Sleep Sheep Snug Rug Plush Belly Mat

Sleep Sheep Snug Rug Plush Belly Mat

Sleep Sheep Snug Rug Plush Belly Mat special offer: Cloud b quality baby products, for the best price!

The Snug Rug is a fun, fuzzy companion that creates a safe, padded play area for both babies and older kids. Babies will enjoy the soft padding during “tummy time,” while older kids will find a soft place to curl up while reading or watching TV. Fun, plush character heads can be used as a pillow, while the thick padding and non-slip backing help keep kids safe.Features: Perfect for tummy time, nap time, or anytime Measures 30 inches in diameter Soft plush outer with cushiony padding and a slip-resistant backing Cushy animal head can be used as a built-in pillow Perfect for home, daycare or Grandma’s house!

Fun sheep character
Perfect to snuggle against
Soft and fuzzy
Thick padding and non-slip backing
Machine washable; front-load washers only

Nursery Decor Cloud b

Price:$ 44.99

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