Kiddopotamus Safari So Good Puppeteer Bouncer

Kiddopotamus Safari So Good Puppeteer Bouncer

Kiddopotamus Safari So Good Puppeteer Bouncer special offer: Kiddopotamus quality baby products, for the best price!

The Kiddopotamus safari so good puppeteer bouncer is the first bouncer seat that engages both baby and parents. It’s unique play pattern offers plush puppets that allow parents to become part of the play experience. Additionally, these plush characters will grow with your child and create a interactive “grow with you play” experience never offered in a bouncer before.

Includes two large plush interactive hand puppets: toucan and hippo
Newborn full body and head support
2 position recline with 3-point safety harness
Melodies, sounds, and vibrations soothe and entertain baby

Swings, Jumpers & Bouncers Kiddopotamus

Price:$ 79.99

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