Unforgettable Baby Shower

Holding an Unforgettable Baby Shower

A new baby is coming and everything is joy around this event, so the best way to celebrate the miracle of life and your appreciation for the mother-to-be, is holding a baby shower for her. Planning a baby shower should not be a problem if you are a mom, or your experience with babies and tasks like this is truly vast.

However, many women want to show their appreciation for the expectant mother with a baby shower, but they are unsure about how to plan it. Of course, it has to be a relaxing event where all the participants have fun, share baby care, share personal care tips during pregnancy, and gift the mother with baby products that she will need when she gives birth.

Preparing a baby shower is not rocket science and any woman, or even a man, can make all the arrangements needed to hold the party. Yes, it is not surprising that many fathers are left with their newly born babies and it is amazing to hear them sharing their advice on baby caring. However and going straight to the point, make a simple decision: Will your baby shower party be a surprise or it will not?

If you want to surprise the expectant mother, plan the party before her seventh month of pregnancy, because if you do it by this time or later, she will feel very uncomfortable due to her size, and will not enjoy the party at all. A surprise baby shower party is a good way to say how much you appreciate the mother-to-be, but you can always show off your appreciation by asking her how much she would like to have a baby shower.

By simply asking, you will let her select the moment when she feels like wanting to enjoy the party. Remember that pregnancy is also associated to continuous mood swings and you do not want to celebrate her pregnancy when she feels at her worse. Besides, she can also help you to write down the guest list and share her thoughts about the baby products that she will like to receive as gifts.

Either way, selecting gifts for is not that hard and browsing an online baby store can give you tons of ideas not just about the products and items that you and the guests could give the mother-to-be, but also on selecting a theme for your baby shower party. As an example, it could be around baby milk, thus your party decoration could be made of milk bottles and baby feeding bottles, and you could even use them to serve cold and original drinks.

Besides planning the guest list, the party menu, along with gifts for the baby and the expectant mother, make sure to have a list of games that all guests, including the mother-to-be, can play. Memory games or guessing a nursery rhyme or mommy’s belly size are games that everybody will enjoy, same as tasting baby food. Now that you have the basics, make sure to make the baby shower an unforgettable event.